Tips on how to get your website featured

You can use this gallery to promote your site too!
Follow these four key principles for a well-designed site:

Follow basic design guidelines
Do some research on how to design a good website.
You can also read an article on BusinessZoom Help Centre: “A General Guidance in Designing Your Site“.

Regularly update your content – Who doesn’t like a fresh website?

Give your website a personality – Put more images and colours to your website.

Grow a considerable reader base – Give your website a kick using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Read some good articles around SEO available on the Help Centre.

Some useful tips:
- Tips on How to Write a Great Product Description

- Tips on How to Write an Effective “About Us” page

- Tips on How to Write a Good Home Page

Visit the Help Centre for more guidance and tutorials on how to effectively use BusinessZoom tools.

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